Microcement Experts in Norfolk

Microcement has quickly become the cutting-edge of modern design, with both interior designers and architects excited by the creative possibilities.

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Floors & Walls

Whether its an entire ground floor or stand out feature wall - Microcement is the modern finish growing in popularity throughout the interior design and architectural sectors.

Bathrooms & wetrooms

When designing a new bathroom or renovating an existing space, Microcement has to be considered as the most practical solution to avoid grout joints and sealants.

Worktops & Furniture

Kitchen worktops, vanity units or even a reception desk, the advantage of using Microcement is that it is completely customized to suit your needs.

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What Is Microcement?

Microcement is a resin-based coating that contains fine aggregates, polymers, resin, and colour pigments. In a multi-layer system, this is applied by hand.

Across floors, walls, worktops, and more creating a truly stunning finish. Our seamless surfaces are more than just gorgeous. Microcement is the most desired product because of its numerous benefits.

Both homeowners and businesses have preferred its durability and ease of upkeep. For more information or a quote, contact us by phone, email or contact form.

Water Proof Technology 

Water resistance during each stage of the installation process. Which means no dark spots or moisture discoloration guaranteed!

Anti Slip

Our unique combination of fine aggregates create a none slip surface perfect for both home & business.

Durable & Hard Wearing

Our multi layer installation system combined with the UK's Leading Microcement Technology ensures a durable and long lasting finish.

About Us

Recognized as an Elite Installer, Cementtec is approved and accredited with Forcrete, a leading Microcement manufacturer an distributor.

We're ecstatic to share that our fantastic team has been named one of the top 25 installers in the United Kingdom!

Here at Cementtec we have over 15 years experience in the construction industry, with knowledge not only of Microcement, but most things building related to help out as much as we can when planning a project.

Our expert team of high-quality installers includes a variety of tradesmen with years of experience. When undertaking projects of all kinds and sizes, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with a full range of advice and guidance.

 Our company's philosophy is based on achieving excellence. What sets us apart from the rest is our exceptional craftsmanship and careful attention to detail.

We're eager to develop new methods and provide specialized services to our valued clients with our newly built workshop.

Our Services/ Systems

A fantastic modern-day alternative to polished concrete thanks to its lightweight finish, Microcements versatility allows us to apply it directly on a wide variety of existing surfaces while also allowing us to reuse them and achieve a beautiful decorative concrete finish with a thickness of only 3-4mm. As a result, it is ideal for both new and refurbishment projects.

Unlike rival Microcement brands,  Forcrete products carry unique waterproof properties: Wet Rooms, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Saunas, Pool Sides, and Orangeries are all made possible.

Please note. The below installation time frames are based on the minimum time required to implement the desired system. The amount of space or intricate detailing available, as well as bespoke projects, will vary. We charge a minimum of 20sqm2 for small areas.

Epoxy Resin Flooring

  • Perfect for Garages & Workshops
  • Domestic & Industrial Use
  • Floor Levelling if required
  • Budget & premium finishes
  • Multiple colour options
  • City & Guilds Approved Installers.

For more information. Please get in touch!

Belts & Braces Floor System

  • 7-8 days installation
  • Underfloor heating compatible
  • Crack Mitigation - Reinforced Fiberglass Mesh
  • Suitable in Domestic, Commercial & Heavy Commercial Environments

Fast Wall System

  • 4-5 days installation
  • Only available on plastered walls
  • Crack Mitigation - None
  • Suitable in Domestic & Commercial Environments

Belts & Braces Wall System

  • 7-8 days Installation
  • Compatible with Plaster Skim and Cement Board.
  • Crack Mitigation - Reinforced Fiberglass Mesh 
  • Suitable in Domestic, Commercial & Heavy Commercial Environments

Worktops, Islands & Feature Walls

  • 6-8 days Installation
  • Crack Prevention 
  • Reinforced Fiberglass Mesh -
  • Suitable in Domestic, Commercial & Heavy Commercial Environments

Stencil Signs & Logos 

  • 2-3 days Installation
  • Largest stencil size height 1600mm by any length 
  • 4 profile options
  • Subject to site survey
  • From £350
  • Available in a range of luxury metallic finishes

Seamless Surfaces

The Forcrete core color pallet offers a selection of sophisticated and luxury colors, which can be applied using a number of techniques to deliver your desired finish. Two layers of sealers or oils are then applied creating an unmatched level of protection. We can also now offer color matching to RAL, Farrow & Ball and Little Green color pallets.


Smooth silky plaster like finish, with no visible grains.


Smooth finish, with visible grains for a light textured appearance. 


Natural finish, with large visible grains and a textured appearance. 


Multi layered texture with tonal depths.

Two Tone

Two Microcement colors applied to create a cloudy finish.

Bespoke Projects

Are you working on a grand design?

Converting a small slice of the countryside into a unique space in the city? Perhaps a king's dining table with room for all of the family, or perhaps his and her sinks?

Our team of experts are here to help!


Preparation is the key to achieving a successful and long-lasting finish, and it's no secret.

Without a well-prepared or solid substrate to work on, it is highly likely that you will face problems.

Crack repairs, making good and floor levelling are all essential to laying a seamless Microcement surface.