Floors & Walls

Microcement is a high-end surface coating.

Even the smallest of spaces can have elements of elegance and sophistication. Its adaptability, durability, and ease of maintenance are all factors that have made it quickly become the modern alternative to many traditional floor and wall coverings—proving highly sought-after in both domestic and commercial environments.

With different application techniques and vast range of colors, we can tailor your project to leave you with a bespoke, personalized finish that will last for many years to come.

A Modern Finish

Hand applied to achieve a continuous and seamless surface, our installers create a unique and luxury coating which doesn't compromise on quality or durability.

De-clutter living areas and create a free flowing, environment where rooms become connected and feel more spacious.

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Water Proof Technology 

Water resistance during each stage of the installation process. Which means no dark spots or moisture discoloration guaranteed!

Anti Slip

Our unique combination of fine aggregates create a none slip surface perfect for both home & business.

Durable & Hard Wearing

Our multi layer installation system combined with the UK's Leading Microcement Technology ensures a durable and long lasting finish.

Various colours, techniques, and finishes are available to suit every need.