Worktops & Furniture

Microcement is the cutting-edge of modern design. Homeowners, architects, and interior designers are taking advantage of its unique look and bespoke aesthetics. Textures, color's, and materials are all united by this versatile surface coating. It can perfectly combine with wood and metal, and compliment many other building materials for unrivaled style and wow factor.

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Featuring waterfall worktops * Shop counters and matching feature wall * Luxury media walls.

What We Can Do

Irregular shapes can easily be coated and worked around, large islands with waterfall ends can connect your work surfaces to the floor and tie the areas into one.

We also offer stenciling which can be incorporated into a business space and have your logo standing out for that all important first impression.

Why Microcement

Not only does Microcement look the part, its strength and hard wearing properties make it an ideal candidate for kitchen work surfaces, table and bar tops.

Easy to clean and resistant to heat Microcement can also be used externally without the fear of it rotting or perishing in the elements.